STRICTLY fans have begged show bosses to ditch the small crowd wearing black masks and stop with the “constant” reminders about the coronavirus pandemic.

Viewers insisted they wanted to watch the show for “escapism” as they complained about the “creepy” audience members sat in the studio.


Viewers were annoyed by the crowds wearing masks on the show[/caption]

One said: “In floods of tears. This year has been awful and seeing all the changes to this incredible format and reduced audience wearing face masks has just got to me.”

Another added: “COVID Week on #Strictly isn’t doing it for me.

“It’s trying it’s very best but all the glitz and glamour is undercut by the necessary masks and distance and the threat of infection.

“It’s the telly version of a sequinned colostomy bag.”


The celebrities’ dance partners were revealed on the show[/caption]


Others also questioned why the audience members had to wear masks when they were sitting in same-household groups.

One said: “Wait @bbcstrictly is following guidelines but why are audience wearing masks but not judges or presenters? Surely audience could remove them once sat down and distanced?”

Another added: “The crowd is socially distanced in household groups, so why the masks? Not escapism if we’re reminded every time we see the crowd.”

Another remarked: “Slightly disappointed audience in #Strictly aren’t wearing sparkling masks. Black = boring. More glitter needed.”


Tess Daly returned as host alongside Claudia Winkleman[/caption]

Pointless star Richard Osman said: “They should just have a message at the bottom of the screen throughout that says ‘we promise we followed all the COVID rules’. That would save us all about 5 minutes per episode.”

A follower agreed: “No kidding. Slightly creeped out by the #Strictly audience members, who look shady enough at the best of times, lurking in the shadows as they do, but the masks just add to the creep factor. That said…”

Hosts Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman told viewers how the show had been adapted to fit with government guidelines.

But some were annoyed that the show kicked off the series with a dance routine featuring the song Everybody’s Free – despite the enforced tier lockdowns amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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Strictly viewers call on show bosses to ditch small crowd wearing black masks and stop ‘constant’ covid reminders
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